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Global Home Warranties specialise in arranging competitive, and flexible structural warranty insurance solutions for new build, construction projects across the UK through specialist insurers.

Our specialist insurance provides peace of mind for policyholders that the insurer holds strong financial footing, enjoys a higher rating with credit agencies but ultimately, are in a financial position to meet potential claim costs, and are much less likely to experience financial failure.  We work with specialist insurers for our structural warranties to offer optimum protection for homeowners for a ten-year period from date of completion.

Structural warranty insurance is a comprehensive, specialist insurance that protects newly built properties for a period of ten or twelve years against structural defects in the design, workmanship or construction materials.  A structural warranty is often also referred to as latent defect insurance, new home warranty, builder’s structural warranty, or structural defect insurance. 

In the UK, most mortgage lenders and/or banks insist that structural warranty insurance is in place before processing and approving a mortgage. This is to provide protection should any latent defects arise. Global Home Warranties are approved by an extensive, and continually growing list of high street banks and mortgage lenders. View our list of approved Lenders.

We work closely with housebuilders, contractors, local authorities and housing associations throughout the UK to arrange structural warranty insurance for new build properties across a range of projects.  






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Residential 10 Year Structural Warranty 

We work with housebuilders, property developers, and building contractors to arrange cover for individual properties or developments of multiple dwellings. Our fully qualified and insured Surveyor teams work closely with our clients providing robust, multi-stage inspection and risk management processes throughout every stage of the building project. Our cover lasts for ten years from the date of completion.  These policies provide protection and peace of mind for homeowners.

Mixed Use and Commercial 10 Year Structural Warranty 

Global Home Warranties work with property developers and building contractors to arrange structural defect warranties for development projects which have both residential and commercial elements.  An example of this would be a new build development which has ground floor area as retail with residential apartments on upper floors.

Housing Associations 10 or 12 Year Structural Warranty 

We work with Housing Associations across the UK to arrange comprehensive 10 or 12-year building warranties for social housing projects.  We work closely with Housing Associations to provide a robust inspection and risk management process throughout the build period. We help to complete more projects on time which are right first time. We work with UK Housing Associations to play our part in tackling the under supply of housing in the UK.

Structural Warranties for Conversions 

Every conversion project is unique. A conversion or renovation project can sometimes alter or completely change the use of a property.  We work with builders and contractors to arrange, flexible and tailored ten-year structural warranty solutions for these bespoke projects.

If you are planning your next UK construction project and would like to get a competitive quotation for your structural warranty requirements, contact us to speak with one of our specialists.

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