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Need to book a Pre Purchase Survey?

Our property surveys are conducted by a team of experienced and professional Building Inspectors. We work with estate agents and solicitors to help speed up the process of buying a new home. This helps homebuyers avoid unexpected and costly surprises when purchasing or developing their new home.

Global Home Warranties Pre Purchase Home Survey Level One

Home Survey
level one

This type of service includes a visual inspection and a report on the condition of the building, its services, and the grounds. 

Home Survey Level 2

Home Survey
level two

This intermediate type of service includes a more extensive, visual inspection of the building, its services,and the grounds. 

Home Survey
level three

This type of service consists of an extensive, visual inspection of the building, its services and the grounds. 

A home survey or home inspection is an expert assessment of the condition of a property.

Our expert Team appraise the property to identify any flaws in the property's condition, from minor to major structural defects or flaws. They will identify and highlight what repairs or changes are needed, whether it's a damp spot or replacing an entire roof. Our detailed, home survey report also provides extensive, professional commentary on the property.

The homebuyer arranges a home inspection after the seller has accepted their offer. The buyer organises and pays for the home survey cost.

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