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Global Home Warranties recommends Building Control Services to ensure all building work carried out meets current building codes and regulation requirements. 

Our Building Control Partnership has been designed and constructed to keep safety and compliance paramount on a project, ensuring all Building Regulations and legislation are met. 

Our talented team of Building Control Surveyors are qualified in a wide range of disciplines including surveying, structural engineering and fire safety. They provide a progressive approach towards Building Control, with enhanced collaboration at every stage, effective record keeping and expert advice to futureproof all building works. 

Our Building Control Service adopts the latest in cutting-edge technologies, incorporating digital tools and software to streamline inspections, enhance efficiency and maintain the golden thread of information. 

Why is building control important?

Compliance - Building Control Surveyors will check that all building works comply with the latest building regulations, ensuring the building and its occupants are protected.

Sustainability - Building Control plays an important role in supporting the sustainability of building works. Our team checks energy-saving features such as solar panels, insulation and lighting to ensure it conforms to environmental standards.

Safety - Building Control protects the public from dangerous structures, carrying out site inspections and advising necessary parties on the structural safety of a building. 

Quality - Building Control helps keep construction quality high by providing regular, independent checks throughout all key stages of a project, ensuring it is delivered to high standards, with safety, accessibility and performance promoted at all times. 

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