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Our Charity Donation to Nacoa UK

Posted 24 08 2022 by webadmin

Great to finally meet Piers from Nacoa UK in person and present our donation.

Our Business Development Executive, Iain Corcoran met recently with Piers Henrique of National Association for Children of Alcoholics UK to present Global’s donation.

Nacoa was founded in 1990 to address the problems of children growing up in families where one or both parents suffer from alcoholism or a similar addictive problem.  The charity grew from the hope and dreams of five people who wanted children living with parental alcoholism to have the help and support that had been missing for them.

Research has consistently shown that children living with parental alcoholism have higher levels of behavioural problems, school-related problems, and emotional disturbances.  Studies by social services found that parental drinking is a significant factor in around 40% of child protection cases and up to 74% of child mistreatment cases.  

The Nacoa helpline has always been at the heart of Nacoa’s work.  It has responded to over 250,000 requests for help across the UK. The helpline was set up to empower children with a variety of life skills to help them cope with difficult challenges.   Nacoa works hard to remove the stigma that is still in society of not talking openly about drinking problems. Children of alcohol dependents are twice as likely to develop alcoholism or other addictions.  That’s a frightening statistic and a cycle that needs to be broken.

Iain from Global said, “It’s my pleasure to meet with Piers from Nacoa UK to present this donation on behalf of Global.  Nacoa do fantastic work here in the UK helping to support young people who face extremely challenging circumstances. The helpline is literally a lifeline for some young people and children.  We hope this donation will help Nacoa to continue the fantastic work they do here in the UK.”

Hilary Henriques MBE, Chief Executive of Nacoa UK commented, “As a small charity making a big impact, Nacoa is so grateful for this amazing donation from Global. Nacoa supports some of the most vulnerable children in the UK and our helpline is a precious lifeline for anyone affected by a parent’s drinking. It is the generosity of spirit from businesses like Global that makes it all possible. A huge thank you from not just me, but on behalf of our service users, to everyone who contributed and donated.” 

If you would like to find out more about Nacoa UK and their amazing work, click here to visit the website.